Our Story

Let’s work together: I, dgtlhrt, work a full-time job as an IT Director in the education field. However, after 1.5 years of daily Vive use and running Vive Report I’m looking to move into the VR space. If you have any projects you’d like to work together on, or would like to discuss potential opportunities please do reach out and email. My wife Shurl is also considering work in this space, thus we welcome any and all ideas for collaboration. Contact: vivereport@gmail.com

This website is a passion project shared between my wife and me. VR was not something we planned for, nor thought about. In fact, the missus was quite standoffish when I first broached the topic of buying a vive. “What’s that??” she said. “That’s expensive”! “It’s been a life long dream!” I said. “We have to try it to really know what it’s like,” I said. Then I gave up fighting rationality and finally bought one right around official launch time, end of July 2016 and we officially became “Early Adopters.”

The Vive has since brought us closer together and given us a new realm to share, play, explore and do anything in, together. We’ve, little by little, gotten more comfortable with simulated motion, figured out best practices to get better tracking, bought more and more games, and started moving furniture to make more room for playspace. After the SS (super sampler) multiplier trick came about, I even ended up upgrading my GTX 970 to a GTX 1080. So by this point you could say that we’re all in, and loving every moment of it.

The VR ecosystem, as a whole, is a new Wild West. It’s the international waters of technology. I soon realized I was enjoying my time outside of VR, interacting with the amazing and kind community and especially the fantastic indie devs, almost as much as I was enjoying my time in VR. I realized Early Access isn’t a curse, but an opportunity to give us the chance to be the generation that molds the groundwork for an entire new reality of interactive experiences, gaming, business applications and even socializing.

Then one night, we thought, “What if we bought a domain and set up our own review website for the Vive?” especially as we started checking new releases every single day and buying immediately. We formed a nasty habit of buying games just to experience them. Next thing you know we are 100+ deep in VR titles, setting time aside for us both to play every single night. In fact it’s now officially an integral part of our daily schedule.

As VR brings us closer together, we set out to share our experiences with the wonderful community we’ve grown to love so much. Our aim is not to profit, but to share. Our aim is not a congested, ad-bloated, click-bait, corporate nonsense “review site,” but to become a valuable resource for the community and a place to celebrate what brings us all together: the HTC Vive. We’ve made a decision to focus on Vive specifically, only because it is what brought us to this new world. And for that we thank Valve (Gaben!), HTC, the adventurous & innovative devs, and especially thank you, the community.