Say Goodbye to Sweaty Facepads with VRCovers

I have been using my Vive nightly, trying to be as active as possible while using to act as my daily exercise. It’s a blast and I feel great. However, when I take the headset off and it’s now my wife’s turn to Vive, it’s totally gross. Lurking the Vive Subreddit over at Reddit, I came across a potential solution: VRCover. It’s a smaller company that I believe is hand-making these, what look to be, high quality covers for the Vive headset face pad. They have a video which demonstrates how they easily are attached over the foam on the headset on their page here.

I was sold immediately, as it will hopefully solve my problem, as well as better maintain the headset since you won’t be soaking a bunch of sweat into the foam cushioning every night. Who knows how gross that foam would be after months of use. And while they do sell and supply extra foam pads, for US $19 you get 2 VRcovers, which is ideal for me as I need two. Ideally, if you are regularly sharing your headset with other people, I’d think you would want each person to have their own. Plus, according to their website, these can be thrown in the laundry to be washed and cleaned so each week you can have a super fresh VRCover ready to absorb your gross sweat.

Since it’s a small, possibly 1-2 person operation, they are sent out in batches and I just received notice mine was on its way yesterday, July 20 2016, and I think I originally placed the order July 16, so that’s not too bad. Note: it does seem to be shipping from Thailand, so don’t expect immediate shipping. But they do have a link you can click if you have an urgent situation and need priority shipping. (I’m sure it’s quite expensive though).

I will be posting a review of them as soon as they arrive, they are currently in Germany according to the DHL tracking link I was provided.

Take look at their website in the meantime, they have a few different versions available, as well as one or two for some other headset I can’t recall its name at the moment.


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