World of Golf Gets You on the Green

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World of Golf, by Krazy Studios, is, you guessed it, a golf game!  Now let me preface this by saying I am not a golfer. I played one game of golf in the real world and that’s it. I do like driving ranges and mini golf though, so there’s some interest there. I say this because I don’t want golf enthusiasts to pick up the game thinking it’s a perfect golf simulator, because it’s not. As I see it, this is currently more of an arcade experience, and as an arcade golf game it’s a great start and a great base to build from. I had fun playing it and was able to relax and enjoy the game as a whole. I was quickly able to feel like I do know golf and that I knew what I was doing, all based off of the information the game provided me. Krazy studios has done a great job creating a golf game anyone can jump right into and quickly feel like they actually know what they are doing. The simplicity of the controls and menu help make this a relaxing, straightforward and most importantly fun experience.

When you first launch World of Golf you are placed on a driving range. You have a club in your right hand, which you can change to lefty in the settings, and you simply squeeze the controller’s grip button to spawn a golf ball from the tip of the golf club. There’s also a practice putting green to the left of the driving range. You are free to hang out at the driving range or putting green as long as you’d like, then to start a game, in the main area by the driving range on the wall, you can click “Start Round”. World of Golf supports local two-player co-op and has online leaderboards for single player rounds, so choose 1 or 2 players and you are off to the green.

Once you’ve started a round, you will be placed at the T of your first course. Hitting the menu button on the controller will bring up a nifty scorecard along with your golf bag and an overview of your current course with the course length and a map included. You have all the necessary golf clubs available. You just place your controller over the club you want, and it will display the distance range of the specific club so you can make sure it’s the right tool for the job. Then just pull the trigger to select a golf club when it is highlighted and now it is in your hand. One note, the club may look transparent. This is done so you don’t accidentally hit the ball while moving around. To make the club solid, just pull the trigger on the controller. You can toggle between transparent and solid throughout the game to ensure you don’t accidentally hit the ball while setting up your shots.

As for locomotion, it’s basic point and teleport. There is the option to just hold the trackpad after you take a shot and it will teleport you directly to your ball, which saves you from hopping along a 400 yard course in 30 yard jumps. In regard to the game’s optimization, World of Golf’s performance is really solid. I had no drops or any issues with gameplay at all on my GTX 1080.

What I like most about this game, is that I was able to just open the game and start having fun. Plain and simple, fun. I cannot speak to the details of the physics in comparison to real world physics, but again as an arcade golf game, World of Golf is where it needs to be. The ball physics are decent and make sense in relation to the game, but I have read some Steam reviews complaining about them. In fact, there has already been an update to address ball physics. Keeping in mind this is an early access title, World of Golf has already managed to do its job and be a fun, relaxing experience. Krazy Studios have succeeded in building a solid base to work from which, hopefully, will only get better and better as we see more and more updates roll out.

Check it out on Steam @ $14.99 – Currently $8.99 on Launch discount until October 13, 2016



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  1. nick greene (BillDance) October 12, 2016 — 9:46 am

    nice… thanks for the great review!


  2. Nice review


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