Warning: Cheeseburger Cravings Ahead in VR the Diner Duo!

VR the Diner Duo by Whirlybird Games is starting to build a reputation of being one of the best local co-op games in Virtual Reality. It is, in fact, the first opportunity we’ve ever had teaming up using the Vive, and the experience couldn’t have been more fun!

The Diner Is Open

The game’s premise is so simple, which is why it’s easy to get into. In single player mode, you play as a chef inside a diner. Your goal is to whip out orders as fast as possible and have the waiter/s serve the hungry diners. When a level starts, you’ll have a chance to prepare ingredients before the diners come rushing in. A photo menu is posted on the wall behind you as reference. You won’t need to memorize the menu items, though. The waiter will take the order and then come to your station showing the menu item’s photo. All you need to do is place the ingredients in order on a plate, starting with the bottom bun. Then, put a burger patty or two on the grill, and add cheese, ketchup or mustard depending on the menu item. You must get the order right or the waiter won’t go away and all the other orders will get backed up!



As the levels progress, you’ll get more and more menu items, with increasing levels of complexity and increasing number of ingredients. Some combinations will even have you yelling “Who eats their burgers that way?!” to no avail. The faster the waiter serves the order, the happier the customer, and the higher your score. There are three score levels for each diner, represented by smileys: happy, disappointed and upset. While you’re preparing the order, the corresponding smiley will appear within the waiter’s thought bubble.

After the first five levels, you’ll be shuffling burgers in no time. But just as you begin getting complacent and think the game is starting to get repetitive, the waiters will start to drown you with orders. I even tried to rapidly pre-cook patties, which backfired on me because they spoil after a minute or so. The hardest orders are the ones with more than one ingredient that needs slicing, cooking, or both. Good thing the knives aren’t real, or else I’d be all sliced up myself. Talk about a kitchen nightmare, all in good fun!

We Are the Duo: Co-Op Mode

When playing co-op, the player wearing the Vive plays the chef, while the other player uses the PC and plays the waiter. The main advantage of playing co-op is that the waiter can yell out the order number before getting to your station. This could definitely cut your prep time down, especially if there’s slicing or pre-cooking involved. Now, if you’re up for a real challenge, try the Endless Mode run and make it to the leaderboards.

Controls for both the Vive and PC are really easy to master. The only “difficult” part with the Vive is squeezing the condiment bottles, controlled by first pressing trigger to hold the bottle, then either pressing grip or the trackpad. Don’t take this as a gripe, though, just a minor challenge. The PC player can either use a gamepad or use the keyboard and mouse.

VR the Diner Duo (get the pun?) has 30 levels to offer, with 14 recipes to master, plus unlockable hats and other cosmetic customization. In addition, the playspace is scalable, so it’s the perfect game to play with kids.

On a final note, one thing you’ll notice when watching gameplay videos of this game is that it makes everyone dance. There’s just something about seeing yourself represented by a disembodied head and hands that makes dancing so much more fun! Not to mention, the soundtrack is sure to get your foot tapping and hips shaking.

Grab it while it’s on sale at $11.99 on Steam! Regular price is S14.99.

Disclaimer: Vive Report takes no responsibility in any cheeseburger cravings or compulsive dancing that result from playing VR The Diner Duo.

– shurl

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