The Vivey™ Awards! Vive Report Presents: The Best of HTC Vive 2016

HTC Vive focused VR Awards for the community, by the community.

With the big Game Awards just passing, and all the other end of the year voting/awards and what have you, we realized we needed something that focuses solely on the HTC Vive and lets the community vote for themselves, and thus was born: The Vivey™ Awards.

The Vivey Awards aim to not only recognize the efforts of developers and creators in the VR space, but also to encourage them. We hope that these awards will also act as a guide for future Vive owners, giving them a solid list of some of the best VR content available for the HTC Vive. This is a call to all the Early Adopters! Let’s put to work all of our time and experience spent digging through countless indie titles. Pay it forward for the new-comers and shape the future of VR.

We’ve split things up into three main awards for Best Game, Best Experience, and Best Application, where you can vote for your GOTY (or VROTY). We’ve also included nine sub-categories from which you can voice your favorites from a variety of genres. We’ve randomly selected a few of the more popular as clickable votes, but we welcome all submissions so type any title you want into the “Other” section. We are trying not to go overboard with the sub-categories so as to keep this fairly specific with only 12 awards in total.

The voting will be open until January 1st @ 12:00am EST. Please share and encourage your friends to vote for their favorite titles while they have the chance.

We plan to celebrate the winners by including them in our Weekly Monday Steam Giveaways in 2017, so vote smartly. The future of VR is in your hands!

So have at it my fellow ViveMinds, vote with your heart, keep it real and let’s show the world what are truly the best HTC Vive games and experiences of 2016.



Thanks for your participation! Have a great 2017, everybody!


-dgtlhrt & shurl

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