Introducing: the Puzzle VR Category

What is it about women and puzzle games?

Before creating this category, I googled “correlation, females, puzzle games” to find out what the statistics actually are for women preferring the puzzle game genre. I’ve just heard, “I found this puzzle game for you” one too many times from my husband. But let’s be honest, the ratio of women to men playing Candy Crush is at least 3:1.

Not surprisingly, I found a number of studies made on the subject. A majority of them showed the same result, that is, females overwhelmingly exceed the number of male players choosing puzzle games across all platforms. I knew it was going to be a rabbit hole of a research, so I instead decided to cut it short and create a list of the VR puzzle games we’ve tried so far. Statistics aside, I think the genre deserves its own place in VR gaming.

There are approximately 80 games that Steam qualifies as “puzzle” right now, and we intend to go through as many as possible. Let us know your favorites!


Light Repair Team #4

In this futuristic light-bending game, you’re a member of a repair team whose objective is to maneuver lasers and restore the energy flow to a fictional city’s power grid. I will have a full review up soon.

Carpe Lucem – Sieze the Light

Manipulating light rays, as a theme, seems to be quite popular in VR gaming. Carpe Lucem is a marvelously rendered steam punk dream of a game. It’s currently one of my favorites — full review underway!

Cosmos Crash

If you’re a fan of the Luxor and/or Zuma franchises, then this game’s for you. The mechanics are simplified, and you’ve moved from mythical worlds to space. Keep your eye out for a semi-review with other puzzle games.

Block Wave

This game is Tetris 3D. ‘Nuff said.




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