Bend Light and Save the City with Light Repair Team #4

The folks over at Earie Bear Games came out with a laser puzzle game to distract any cat. I happen to be a cat.

As the name suggests, you play as a member of a repair team. The city the game is set in uses light to run its power grid. Your mission is to maneuver – by reflecting, separating and combining – rays of light (or are they lasers?) to hit targets and restore the energy transmission to the city’s buildings. Brilliant premise right?

What I like: The game is room-scale optimized, so optimized that I hit furniture at least once every time I play. It’s immersive in a calming way and playing it makes time fly. So far, I haven’t encountered any glitches. My favorite aspect is the minimalist aesthetic which fits the concept perfectly. There’s also enough puzzle variety to keep your brain juices going.

What I don’t like: A good number of reviewers on Steam have pointed out the inaccuracy of mixing colors, that the game follows pigment mixing rules, not light spectrum rules. I don’t mind that, because my main gripe is the menu controls. Pressing “right” on the trackpad instead of pointing the trigger for level selection gets so annoyingly inefficient that sometimes I quit the game before I could even start.

At the end of the day, I’m sure every cat will agree that it’s a solid puzzle game. We’re really excited for what the devs are cooking up next. Try #LRT4 for US$7.99 here.



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